Choosing a razor

As someone who's always trying to make shaving easier, I've tried a large cross section of the razors that are available for women and men. Here, I rank my top five and discuss some other ones I like. 

1. Schick Hydro 5
This sturdy but lightweight razor is the best one I've found. It provides a smooth, close shave and the blades last forever. The starter kit and refills are also a little less expensive than those for the Gillette razors.

2. Gillette Fusion (non-ProGlide version)
The Gillette Fusion provides a shade that's about as good as the Hydro 5, but the blades don't last quite as long, and it's so heavy that I'm afraid I'll break my foot if I drop it in the shower. Though some love the new ProGlide version, I didn't like it as well, finding that the blades dulled more quickly.  

3. Gillette Venus Embrace
Provides a wonderfully smooth shave, especially for the first couple shaves. Nice and light with a good rubberized handle. Unfortunately, the blades don't last quite as long, and the moisture bars on the head make it just a bit harder to maneuver than the Fusion and Hydro.

4. Gillette Venus Breeze
Another good Venus razor. Has many similar characteristics to the Embrace, but the larger moisture bars on the head make it even harder to maneuver.

5. Schick Quattro
A solid razor, but I found the angle of the head a little tough to get used to. Lasting power is not quite as good as the Gillette Fusion and Venuses, though the price is comparable. 

My razor picks for various situations:
— Best refillable razor for the money: Schick Hydro 5. You really can't beat it for a few bucks less than the Gillette version.
— Best refillable razor for those willing to spend very little money on a refillable razor: Bic Soleil. It's cheap, but shave carefully.
— Best fully disposable razor: I'm still struggling with that one, but I've long been fond of the Gillette Mach 3 and the Gillette Daisy.
— Best "I forgot my razor at home and have to pick up a cheapie to use for my vacation" razor: Schick Slim Twin ST2. Very affordable, very effective.
— Best "I'm broke and out of razors, and payday's not til next week razor: Schick Slim Twin ST2. Same reasons.
— Best brand to choose if the store doesn't have any razors you've used before: Gillette. I've never used a bad Gillette razor, but I have to say I think Schick is gaining on them.
— Worst brand to choose if the store doesn't have any razors you've used before: Bic. The overall quality of their products just hasn't been good in my experience.