Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Gillette Fusion Razor (Pro Glide and regular Fusion)

When I would purchase the Gillette Venus razors, I would often notice that they had better coupons for their men's manual razor, the Gillette Fusion. Eventually I decided to just try the Fusion since I'd used men's razors before and usually liked them just as well as the women's products.

I first tried the regular Gillette Fusion and loved it. I've since moved on to some of their other Fusion creations, like the ProGlide (I think that's the razor  pictured, although the regular Fusion looks close to the same).

I actually prefer the Gillette Fusion to any Gillette's razors for women. I find it gives me the closest, most burn-free shave of any of the Gillette razors. And it has excellent lasting power, much better than the Bic Soleil and somewhat better than the Gillette Venus razors.

I even got one for the boyfriend, who'd been using the Gillette Mach 3 for some time. He also greatly preferred the Fusion.

The Fusion has existed in various incarnations, but most of them seem to be basically the same product with a different color. When Gillette released the Fusion ProGlide, it actually sounded different so I purchased one.

The Fusion ProGlide is supposed to have thinner blades with a "low-resistance coating glide" to make it a more comfortable shave. Oddly, neither I nor my boyfriend liked it nearly as well as the regular Fusion. We found that it dulled faster and was easier to nick yourself or get razor burn. (I never have those issues with the regular Fusion.)

While I'm not a fan of the ProGlide model, the regular Fusion is my second-favorite razor, and it was my favorite for a long time. The only thing I don't like is that it's really heavy, and it doesn't have a rubberized handle. If you drop it on your foot in the shower, it will hurt. I assume they weren't worried about this since not as many men shave in the shower as women do.

As with Gillette's Venus, I do find the Fusion's price to be a bit expensive, but it became one of those little extravagances I couldn't give up. 

It's tough to find the refills cheaply — they're around $13 for a four pack. But I can usually find a sale and coupon on the starter kit, which is regularly priced at around $8-10. So I just kept buying the starter kits, although the massive amount of plastic waste in the packaging bothered me a lot.

While the Gillette Fusion isn't my absolute favorite razor, and it isn't the best deal out there, I consider it one of the best razors on the market. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a close shave without razor burn or cuts.

Blades: 5

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